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About us

The ICT Ireland Skillnet involves the coming together of a group of companies within the information and communications technology sector who are deeply concerned about the important human resources gaps in the sector and are working collaboratively to providing practical and relevant responses to fill these gaps. These companies are committed to training and development as a key element in sustaining competitive advantage.

The network emerged from the innovative work carried out in 2006-07 under the Graduate Development Accel Project. This involved the design, development and piloting of a graduate development programme to give technical and engineering graduates a broad set of business, management and interpersonal tools that they need to be successful in today's highly competitive international market place.

The Accel initiative allowed the companies to collaborate on joint training initiatives for the first time and also provided them with a unique forum for discussion, analysis and action relating to the human performance improvement and training issues relevant to member companies. In addition it allowed for valuable networking opportunities for training and HR professionals in the ICT sector to exchange information and good practice. 

Funding from Skillnets for 2008-09 now allows the network to take the successful work completed under the Accel programme to another stage by expanding and developing the original programme and introducing a range of new programmes in response to company needs.

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