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MSc and Post Graduate Programme

What Past Participants are saying:  

"Firstly, I was encouraged to do the course because it specifically addressed IT management and not just management in general.  The course module contents were tailored to IT and the class members being a fairly homogenous geeky crowd contributed with examples of relevant experiences that was easy to relate to.As a result of finishing the course, I have the confidence to take on my new management role in HP – coincidently being promoted at the same time as I graduated" U. Carmody-Flannery, Hewlett Packard

"For me the Postgraduate Diploma programme has been very positive from a personal and professional point of view.  Before starting the programme I would not have considered that I could have progressed to a management position but as a result of doing the programme (and I have only just completed Year 1) I have already been promoted. I have no doubt that my participation contributed to the promotion."K. Kolan, IBM Ireland

"I found the course extremely useful, it was well informed by research and real-world testing and all the lecturers did an excellent job of reinforcing points of which I was already aware, revealing new approaches that I wasn't, and encouraging contributions from those attending, I highly recommend the ICT MSc Technology and Innovation Management course to everyone. "S. Osan, Digimedia

“Before taking the MSc in Technology & Innovation Management I was involved in hardware and manufacturing engineering.  My current role is as an analyst/researcher within  the Intel® Innovation Centre (Leixlip), which is a global centre for researching and developing leading-edge IT solutions and technology. I can unequivocally say that securing that role was a direct result of my ICT MSc studies.”K. Ellis, Intel Corporation

"When I joined the course I was a Senior Engineer with Ericsson with a personal interest in technology and innovation and looking at career progression opportunities. The course opened my eyes specifically into technology and innovation management, entrepreneurship and also into the world of general management.  In April 2008 I was appointed to the position of Research Project Manager in the Ericsson Ireland Research Centre. I was told afterwards that my participation on the course was a factor in my appointment. The topics I was exposed to and the competence I gained in the course helped me be successful in that role.  Now almost 18 months later I have been appointed Network Management Research Manager for Ericssons PDU OSS Research & Innovation Unit. This is a major personal and professional achievement for me and it is certain that this appointment would not have been made without my MSc qualification in Technology & Innovation Management." G. Hogan, Ericsson 

"I personally feel the program had a huge impact on my career.  I have been promoted twice during the program.  I believe the main difference was that the program course work opened me up to new ideas and ways of doing things.  Also, the group discussions in class with similar technical people was invaluable.  One example is that we were exposed to quality training.  I am now driving that through my team through lean six sigma now and as a whole the team is getting recognized and we are getting big returns." D. Farrell, Intel Corporation

With an Option to Complete a MSc in the Management of Technology and Innovation.
This Diploma programme provides opportunities for technical and engineering graduates to develop a broad set of business, management and interpersonal tools. The intention is that over the life of the programme participants will emerge as engineering leaders with a strategic perspective on organisational issues and challenges.

While ICT graduates have a solid foundation in technical skills they also need to develop interpersonal skills, business and management skills. Consequently not enough technologists are reaching the higher management ranks in ICT companies.

Who can Participate?
Participants will come from companies in telecommunications, software, manufacturing of computer products and digital media and from a diverse range of industrial and professional backgrounds but all from within the broad ICT sector. They will mostly be technical graduates with significant experience in their companies. Participants will span all age groups and disciplines and apart from having a primary degree, or recognised technical qualification, will not be subject to further entry requirements.

This is the flagship programme of the ICT Ireland Skillnet and has been developed with DIT in association with the ICT Ireland Skillnet. 

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